Noizio Noise Mac App Subscription - Warning

The Mac Noizio App has rolled out version 2 without warning. It installed automatically and wrote over my version 1 and all the additional sounds I had purchased. Version 2 is now a subscription service to get the additional sounds. The purchases have been lost.

The Mac App store has a comment that they “had to” go subscription.

I have written to the author several times but have not received a reply.

Version 2.0 has apparently not yet been released for IOS but they might try the same sneaky trick there.

I love MyNoise. Super customizable, huge library of sounds, and an accessible and flexible pricing model.

I might be mistaken about this line of thinking, but: the creator is a researcher. This gives me some sense of security in the pricing structure as making revenue off of MyNoise doesn’t have to be their main income. Hopefully that remains true—this is one class of app in which subscription-only pricing really is senseless.

I’ve nonetheless donated to MyNoise multiple times and bought some sounds on the app because it really is best in class.

iOS app link:


Thanks for mentioning MyNoise!
I’ve been listening to Black Hole and cranking out work all weekend.
As you said, very customizable. I found the Interference sound a bit distracting, so turned it way down. The rest of the components are varied by the Zen automation.


Excellent recommendation. After a short trial with myNoise I bought all the sounds without hesitation.