NoMachine for remote desktop access

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I recently discovered nomachine, ( as previously mentioned by @simonsmark ) a remote access client/server.
It has a lot of features to make like easier, such as scaling the remote desktop, or changing its resolution. Available on macOS, Linux, and Windws. Also supports Android and iOS as clients. Sound can be piped to your remote client, and a lot more features that I haven’t discovered yet.
It’s free for personal use, starts at $44.50/yr for business/enterprise.


thanks for introducing this

it seems very attractive solution but I guess it is a risk of letting the app take control of our computers, do you know they have gone through external security audits?

An overly simplistic comparison with NoMachine is $$ , NoMachine is free for personal use. It is one of the considerations for me as a retiree. However, it is obviously more important to compare the security aspects of the two apps

I used it years and years ago when it was basically VNC with a resizable desktop. It was a fantastic thing back then, but then they made changes and it never worked well for me after that. I should probably take another look at it, but honestly sftp-enabled text editors, mosh, and tmux have really reduced my need for this kind of thing.

Sure, there is always some risk involved.

This is on their site: NoMachine Security Statement.

To be safe(r), install/enable a firewall, block everything, and use Tailscale for (more) secure access. It sounds like the upcoming Version 9 of NoMachine will (optionally) provide this capability itself.

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sounds good, thank you @JohnAtl

With apologies, reworded my reply.

no apology required whatsoever

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Nice find! Have you used Anydesk? Curious how the two compare, I’ve been using Anydesk since it came out. Before, I was fighting TeamViewer.

I’ve also heard good things about Parsec.

Not sure if you were asking me, but no, I haven’t.
My progression has been VNC, MRD, NoMachine, with a sprinkling of FastX3 thrown in to access a remote cluster.