Nominations for February 2022 Software of the Month Club (nominations closed for February)

Have at it :slightly_smiling_face:
Feel free to renominate software you may have nominated for January.
Please - one app per post, so that people can :heart: them and a tally can be made.

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Typinator – I find it in many ways more powerful than Keyboard Maestro.


I just switched to Typinator for my text expansion so hearing how people are using it would be of interest. Right after switching, I started hearing about Espanso and I would be interested in that one as well.


That’s a bold statement. I’m intrigued.

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HyperPlan. More here:


I’ve switched to Typinator on your praises, @anon41602260, and wish I’d done it sooner! It’s a great app. I hope we cover it in the club.


I would like to learn more about Amazing Marvin.


It looks to me like we have these nominations. I’m counting the hearts on the post that first saw the nomination for that software, not counting hearts on posts that responded to the nomination. But I think the results work out either way in this order (as of 2/4/22 0900 ET):

Typinator — 11 hearts
Hyperplan — 4 hearts
Amazing Marvin — 4 hearts
Espanso — 3 hearts

So, I’ll start a February 2022 Software of the Month —Typinator thread. I’ll suggest that anyone who wants to, feel free to bring comments about Espanso, or even TextExpander or aText or Keyboard Maestro, or the built-in text expansion in macOS / iOS / iPadOS.

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This is interesting. It got me to pull up the user guide. I would be interested to hear how other people are using Typinator. How could it be more powerful than keyboard maestro ?