Non-Apple Cloud drive not selectable on iOS

Hi MPUers, I’ve installed Dropbox, gdrive and box on my iPhone but when I’m trying to add these drive folders to 1Writer, all these drives seem disabled and I can only select iCloud (which is inconsistent with sync). Anyone know how I can open a non-apple cloud drive on iOS. This doesn’t seem like a 1Writer issue since ths dialog box is presented by iOS.

Iirc, this happens sometimes. It may help to do one or more of the following:

  • open the sync-service’s own app and make sure you’re logged in

  • open the Files app and make sure the service is available there

  • disconnect the sync service (either in the app that’s having trouble or in Files, or both, depending on your setup) and reconnect it

Pretty sure one of those will help.

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Thanks, I tried but unfortunately did’t work

Although you say it does not appear to be a 1Writer issue, I’d recommend you ask them anyway. @tf2 gave you some suggestions that go a ways to fixing it from the iOS direction. I see numerous non-iCloud locations in 1Writer, but frankly I’ve forgotten how I put them there. try again to press on the icon with the three dots (upper right corner) a check the status of the other services.

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