Non-Apple mouse recommendations please

What mouse does everyone recommend? I am looking for options other than the Apple Magic Mouse.

I use virtual desktops a lot so it needs to support the ‘side swipe’ to move between them. Thanks all.

Not exactly what you want, I think, but I use the Logi MX Vertical, and have one of the extra buttons configured to open the desktop selector at the top of the screen. (Can never remember the nomenclature- screens? Mission control?)


I’ve got the Logitech MX MASTER 3 and really like it.

If you have better touch tool you should be able to program the buttons to switch between desktops.


Do you feel any significant difference using the Vertical? I was looking at it the other day but decided to go with the Mx Master 3.

Yes, I bought a couple of MX Masters and still had pretty bad hand/wrist pain. I’ve been using the MX Vertical for a year, and it’s the best for wrist/pain that I’ve used.
I had an Anker Vertical but it was kind of crappy.


Another mx3 master user, love it :slight_smile:

I use a hot corner to activate Mission Control then click on the desktop I want. IMO, that’s easier that paging through desktops. And it works with any mouse or trackpad.

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Yeah, that’s what my mouse button does. As I said, I can’t keep up with the nomenclature for that.

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Thanks all for the thoughts. I will check out the MX Master. Some useful ideas about moving between virtual screens as well.

Another vote for the MX Master. I use the thumb buttons near the horizontal scroll wheel to switch between desktops (one goes left, the other goes right).


Are you finding that it seems to have good build quality? To me it’s always looked kind of like a cheap crappy mouse that they decided to tilt on its side to milk some money from the ergo people.

I wouldn’t mind paying $90 for a mouse if it helped my wrists, but if I do I’d prefer it to last a while. :slight_smile:

Also worth noting that you can “side swipe” (effectively) with your keyboard by using Ctrl-(arrow key), right or left as appropriate.

So with a programmable keyboard, or a Keyboard Maestro macro, or some mouse software that lets you remap buttons (gaming mouse with a programmable numpad? :smiley: ) you could definitely get there a ton of different ways.


Yeah, seems robust to me. For example, most of the thumb part of the outside has a rubber-like tactile cover, and it has yet to start turning loose.

I’m solidly in the “buy quality, cry once” camp, and to me, that’s where it belongs.


Also worth noting that you can “side swipe” (effectively) with your keyboard by using Ctrl-(arrow key), right or left as appropriate.

Thanks @webwalrus, yes that is what I have been doing when needing to use an old ‘manual’ mouse - my Apple one gave up for a while. I also have a StreamDeck so will look and see if I can use that for side swiping.

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I’m using the MX Master 3 smaller sibling, MX Anywhere 3 as the MX Master seemed a little bit too big for my cramped desktop.

I recently bought the MX Master 3 and the back/forward buttons have been tearing up my thumb. They moved them from where they were on the original MX Master I had. Maybe I’m holding it wrong but I’m looking at returning it for a MX Vertical.

What are doing if they have FileVault turned on? I recently started using FileVault and I can not wake my Mac with my Logitech mouse.

I think FileVault is only an issue on reboot, not for normal wake/sleep. I have FileVault on and my Logitech K860 keyboard has no problem waking my 2015 MBP (though sometimes I have to press two keys, one to wake the keyboard and another to wake the computer).

Logitech’s support article also mentions that you can use the USB receiver to get around this. I believe the receivers are universal so if your mouse supports it but you’ve lost the one it came with, you should be able to pair it with another.

I like the Logitech M720. I think the thumb bittons make more sense than the ones in the MX master

I look for small mice or ones designed for children. I have tiny hands and larger mice are uncomfortable. My top ones I use right now are a Dynex model DX-NPWLSME That was discontinued years ago and a Logitech M317 which you can still get. I used to have a Barbie Computer Mouse (don’t laugh, it was the only Barbie thing I ever owned) that was great but we got them as part of buying out a bunch of Barbie computers nad the mice came with. It was tine and fast and worked great.