Norton Ghost Image

Hey All,

Before I throw this out, I found a trio of CD ROMs that purport to comprise a Norton Ghost backup of a full PC system I had in 2002. I wondered if anyone knows if it’s possible to somehow extract this image onto my M1 Mac?

Seems a long shot, and I won’t cry if it can’t be done, but it would be interesting to see what’s on this from 20 years back. :slight_smile:

Possibly! I think your only bet is Ghost Explorer, an old Windows program. It runs if you bottle it and can open files, but I don’t have a gho file to test.

Ghost Explorer download:

Crossover is the easiest way to bottle it. There’s a free trial. Create a 32-bit Windows XP bottle, then install application into bottle and choose the Ghost Explorer exe.

Thanks for giving me flashbacks to my computer lab student tech days. :slight_smile:

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Thanks! I do have a Windows laptop here someplace. I was trying to decide how much effort it’s worth. :slight_smile:

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Just by way of follow-up, should anyone care:

Your suggestion worked a treat. I was able to move the images from 3 CD-ROMS into a folder, run Norton Ghost Explorer and see all of the contents. So, win! And thank you!

Sad news is, there was nothing there I cared about at all. In fact, it seemed almost more of a ‘clean system’ backup than anything that contained my work from that era. Still, that’s good to know–there’s another couple discs I no longer need around. :slight_smile: