Not A Rant, So Please, Don’t Rant. Inform. IOS and iPadOS

Over the last few days, my IOS/iPasOS experience has really gone down hill, and ALMOST cost me one of my best contractors, because we got in the blame game with each other.

The contractor:
I deal with a LOT of people by email, and a few by text. I was not getting MUCH NEEDED email response from one of my contractors. This has gone on for days. Last night, I stayed awake so that I could call them, (other side of the big pond). They HAD been responding promptly. “I” was not receiving them, (Apple email account).

My Apple Notes STILL will not sync between devices.

Text messages (and responses) only show up on the device that they were sent from.

I just recently started getting warning messages that several of my business email accounts could not be accessed, passwords missing. Checked Keychain. They are gone.

I can’t keep risking my income. Re-subscribed to DropBox and moving my files/videos/photos back over there. Taking other steps to protect what I still have in my hands.

Not good Apple. You sell yourself as a quality product. This is not a toy, we depend on ya man. :frowning:

Hopefully my list of IOS failures above will help others diagnose any issues that they are seeing.

Again. This is not a rant. It is meant to help those others that I scratching their heads like I was/am.


Thanks Wolfie for confirming that it is not just me seeing these issues. I never jumped on the beta wagon, but boy am I ever getting burnt on the “stable” release. Hopefully Apple can regroup and improve.

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Hello Ricky
Thanks for sharing, and sorry about losing your client. I know this is very tough.

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I haven’t noticed any issues with my iCloud sync, but then again I haven’t upgraded to Catalina nor ran any betas.

Not wanting to be unfair to Apple, but from what I’ve read online Catalina is still very rough and causing some havoc, so I’m staying clear from it for the time being.


I ran beta on iPadOS. I upgraded my new (refurb) MacBook Air to Catalina as soon as I turned it on. I have not found any of these issues you mention, either on my watch, phone, MacBook or iPad. Just for your reference, my experience has been very good, all things working exactly as expected. The only glitches have been with a couple of Watch apps, quickly resolved.

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No Issues with iCloud here. That would be a deal breaker for me.
I came to Apple after having cried over problems with my HP/Windows laptop. Swore never to buy from them again. Understandable if you vote with your wallet…


The biggest issue I see at the moment is mail syncing. I triage on my desktop or laptop using MailMate, then the same messages show up in my inbox on iPad in the Mail app as unread.

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I haven’t had any of those issues. Or, maybe I’m having them and not noticing. Which makes me wonder if I’m dropping the ball on something.

I do have to sign into iCloud three times in a row once a day on my 2015 MacBook Pro. And then once or twice with the computer password to enable passwords.

I’m getting lots of weird text field issues. Like random triple spacing and sometimes I can’t move the curser without it moving itself back to the beginning of the line.

I’m not usually one that notices a lot of bugs, in fact, I’ve become a little eye-rolly whenever Merlin and Dan spend 30 minutes talking about it, but this series of releases has been really bad from a QA perspective. I hope there’s a good reason for it. Something that they can easily fix for the next round. Something that isn’t indicative of organizational rot. Because this stuff is crucial for their business and brand. It doesn’t matter how cool your ads are or how night mode your camera is if the day to day user experience is fubar and users face real-life consequences from using it.


I haven’t noticed problems with iCloud either. Neither did I receive calls from clients with iCloud related trouble.

Now lets get back to your serious email problem.

Whenever there is a problem with cloud based services start with the cloud! In this case log into iCloud and check your email. Then start comparing with your other devices. Test to send emails to and from the iCloud account and see where it breaks down.

Verify if there are any filters set on iCloud. Perhaps more importantly check for any rules set on other email client apps that are connected to the same email account(s). Don’t forget about the spam filtering!

If a computer running a mail client has a rule or filter that moves certain emails it will propagate to all your other devices. Symptoms can be intermittent if there is a laptop in the mix that only intermittently goes online. Causing the mail client with a possible filter / rule to change the content of your email boxes.

Sometimes I encounter a problem with an email account from a vendor who hosts their email on a lesser email server. Possibly not having a valid ssl cert or a problem with their DNS records. For example one vendor was sending a lot of spam from their email server causing email with their domain name to be flagged as spam and filtered out before the email could reach.

There are online tools available to verify the senders email account for problems like that.

If you happen to use SaneBox make sure things are working correctly there as well!!!

Lastly, while iCloud hosted email works great. My advise is that if you have a business it looks much more professional if you use a good email server using your own domain name…

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

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Thanks MacExpert!

Yep, i did, i do, and i have. :innocent:

The concern is definitely with iCloud. I checked. The contractor’s email never came through to me, BUT, after our conversation, i gave them a Gmail account to try. It came through there.

No filters/rules set on any of my email accounts.

I do have several business emails addresses, (six), set up on my web host. I uses one iCloud account for “my” business, so that i can privately communicate with my contractors that way, (a FEW contractors have full access to my admin panel for the website, and they don’t need to read my private conversations).

ALL of my web hosted email addresses and passwords have suddenly vanished from my KeyChain. Also, i am getting the warning triangle in KeyChain beside several other sites that i have stored the passwords to in there. Again, all points to a iCloud malfunction.

“I think” that there is a serious bug in iCloud. Too many things going on with several folks that all point to iCloud usage.

All the AR, three lens cameras, streaming services, and do-dads are nice, but at the end of the day, they are just do-dads. Apple needs to get back to keeping the core running flawlessly, or folks will jump ship quickly. We live in a impatient World now days. And, with Apple being so quite about it all is not helping any either. That ALWAYS leads to speculation.

I will add, that I STILL like mouse support on iPadOS, even if it does get a little wonky at times. :sweat_smile:

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I was having issues where I wasn’t receiving emails from my boss all of a sudden. Obviously not good. Turned out iCloud decided his emails were spam even though he was a VIP.

Simple thing to remember to check since the Spam filter seems to have changed… It took me longer to realize this than I want to admit.

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I’e been wary of using iCloud Mail as a primary because of overly-aggressive spam filtering - and especially blocking mail without telling users.

This 2012 story describes secret blocking that refused to deliver a file containing the sentence “All my children are barely legal teens – why would I want to let them drive by themselves?”

Later in 2013 MacWorld confirmed that text or even ZIPed PDF files that contained the nearby words ‘barely legal teens’ would simply be blocked from delivery to iCloud Mail accounts.

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Now that is a clear deal breaker.

My emails are a HUGE MESS today! Some over here, some over there, and some still bouncing around in space. My throw away Gmail accounts are fine, as long as i look for them in the Gmail app. Apple mail…naaaaaaaaw. It’s barely pulling ANYTHING down right now, and when it does, NONE OF THEM sync across my devices.

I really would NOT want to be a Apple employee right now. Things have GOT TO BE rough in the Mothership.

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  1. Open system preferences
  2. Remove internet accounts
  3. Delete the content of the ~/Library/Mail folder
  4. As an extra step delete all the related pop / imap / smtp keys from the Keychain
  5. Shut down the Mac
  6. Take a deep breath
  7. Turn Mac back on
  8. Open system preferences
  9. Add internet accounts
  10. Go have lunch while it downloads your emails again
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I’ve tried removing my gmail accounts three times and deleting the mail folder, but it only fixed the problem for a couple of days then emails start to be lost and some are only delivered to my iOS devices and they never get to my Mac.

I was not part of the Catalina beta and only updated when it was officially released.

The accounts are all Gsuite, my iCloud and Exchange accounts are working perfectly. This includes my main business account, so I am using webmail until I find a solution.

Is there anything else I can do?

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I don’t know what to say without full access to all connected accounts and devices.