Not getting notified when collaborators change G Docs

Hello everyone,

Workflow question for you.

For those who work with collaboration via Google Docs, how do you get notified when someone has made changes to a document and they might be waiting for your feedback?

(Ironically) Googling about the problem seems to indicate that I should be getting notifications when people make changes [Spoiler: I am not!].

I’m not a Google Docs person. Here are my settings:

A company I work with uses GDocs as their way to collaborate on proposals, projects etc. I get invitations to edit but nothing else. We’re separate (no shared server, etc.).

I’m not going to be successful asking them to move to a different system.

Shouldn’t my settings at least ensure I get an email when something is changed?

I will hate it, if we fix this and I get an email every time someone changes a word and hope there is a happy medium re: changes and notifications.

Got a message today from someone, “Have you had a chance to look at the changes?”

THAT was my only indication that something had changed.

Obviously I can’t log-on daily and peek in every doc to see if anything is new.

Been looking for where to find “last edited” info or a change in doc status (an asterisk, change from normal to bold, etc).

Thought the “shared with me” view in Google Drive might be a solution; but no… It seems to only show when the doc was shared. Would Google add another column, showing last-changed date if I checked both boxes in my settings (above)?

Would things improve for me, if I checked both boxes?

The file in question is a document (not a spreadsheet) and most of my search results seemed to be spreadsheet-specific; but it should work for all, right?

Thanks! … Still looking for the perfect collaboration method.