Not too pretty but so helpful!

I have a “shallow” desk. It’s about 17" deep. And so to fit a sheet of paper or notebook in front of my iMac, I have to move the keyboard out of the way. The problem is that when I rest my keyboard on the iMac stand, it wobbles if I type on it. It’s so frustrating!

Last week, I found these clever 3-D printed “kickstands” on Etsy that completely solved the problem and so I mention it in case you also have this problem.

I realize there are lots of products that elevate the monitor so you can slide the keyboard under it, but they’re often fairly substantial themselves. Some take up more than half the depth of my desk, so it’s not an elegant solution for me.

These kickstands make the keyboard itself look less sleek, but they solve a functional problem and at the end of the day, despite how enamored I can be with form, I’m a function over form type.