Notability has been pulled from the Mac App Store

Notability has been pulled from the Mac AppStore. Nothing posted from the GingerLabs on their website or twitter yet. It’s my preferred note taking app so I hope everything is cool. Anyone know anything?

Edit: reading some of their direct tweets to people who complained, they apologize and say a new version will be on sale this week. So I guess a major upgrade and repurchase is coming.

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I would hope so. I despair at the lack of organization and the way the canvas resizes itself when it interprets gestures the wrong way. Only the continuous scrolling prevents me from switching to Goodnotes, but I’m getting increasingly frustrated with Notability, to my regret.

after running the iOS version on my M1 the past few months, I don’t use the intel version of Notability for anything. Its missing sooo many features that the iOS/sideloaded M1 version has. Templates, Art, etc…

my concern was they closing down shop. Glad to see everything is ok.

@anon85228692 did you see this (great for notability or goodnotes)?

on sale now $19.84

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Very interesting, thanks! I’m not big on digital planners but this is such a great value, that might be well worth trying them out!

Any word on when they’ll bring it back?

Twitter says: this week.

I am thankful for this forum. I was just looking at adding it to my new M1 and noticed that it was missing. Thanks for letting us know.

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The link does not open

That link worked for me.

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just sideload the iOS version on your M1… its superior to the Mac version anyway.

Looks like it’s back:

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The Mac Catalyst version should satisfy @macsorcery considering that it replaces the crappy Mac version and is more or less a port of the iPadOS app. :slight_smile:

It also explains why the app was removed in the first place.

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According to that MacRumors article the Catalyst App should be free for existing iOS customers?

Although I previously bought both the iOS and the macOS versions this “new” version is listed as a €4,49 purchase in the Mac App Store…

I had the price listed on the MAS when I tried to purchase it, it told me I was eligible to a free update. So, great :smiley:

Ditto. Was listed at $2.99 in the U.S. store, and when I clicked “buy” it said “free; you have an existing version”.

It’s nice to have this new Mac version. It’s actually something I think I’ll use on the Mac for more than just transporting notes from iPad to Mac.

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Yes, I am glad to see they have upped their game with the Mac version. At first glance it seems to be fine.

I had to click on the price, click on a “Buy” button, enter my Apple ID credentials, click on another “Buy” button, and then it was free after all…

I’m glad to hear that! The developers must’ve seen your post at the last minute. :wink:

I cant download it - all I see is a greyed out “Purchased” button that I can’t click … anyone else seeing this ??