Notability - let down by iCloud?

As much as I love Notability, it seems to have problems with iCloud.

This usually happened after updating, but if memory serves, I haven’t updated it for a while.
Opened the app on my iPad this evening, first time in ages, and all 378 of my notes, need to re-download, again, from iCloud…

This has happened several times before, without anything untoward being done my side.
It will be working just fine, go to open it, and it needs to sync everything again…

This ever happen to any of you?
I’m just relieved I discovered this on a Sunday evening, as opposed to 5 minutes before an important meeting on Monday morning… :roll_eyes:

I just opened this on my iPad and a few notes had to redownload.

How much free space does your iPad have? And what software version are you running?

11.4.1 iOS - but goodness, looks like I’m running low on space.
That’s a tad annoying, since it might explain what has been happening with Notability, but this has hit me several times in the past - and long before space was an issue…

Have 109,6GB of 128GB used on my iPad, with 1.7TB iCloud space still available.

iOS allows programs to designate files that can be recreated or downloaded from elsewhere as eligible for deletion on your device when you’re running low on space. I suspect that’s what you’re seeing here, rather than anything directly to do with iCloud.