Notability was great -- now it's junk

I installed and loaded Notability on a new iPad today. All the notes were restored from iCloud, but all the Subjects and Dividers are lost. According to Notability help the subjects can be restored (open “information” and tap “support” three times). Dividers cannot be restored. And all the notes are not contained in their subjects any more. So a complete, manual reorg would be needed. And, the error of missing subjects and dividers was propagated automatically to my other devices,

Ugh. Notability is now dead to me.

Hmm, that’s not good. I’ll be moving to a new iPad and that’s going to be a real pain for me.

What are you looking at as an alternative?

GoodNotes 5, which I was using before I went to Notability and now I’ll go back to GN.

I need to sync my notes from the iPad to the MacBook and GN5 has a desktop app, as does Notability. GN 5 on macOS is still in beta but is coming along.

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I went back to Apple Notes and with the new updates coming this fall it will meet my needs. I discovered a few things using Apple Notes that are not obvious at first until you use it more often. That said, Notability and GN both have features that Apple Notes lacks but the overall experience, integration with my other Apple devices and apps., and reliable sync are worth a few missing features, though Apple Notes has some of its own that are superior, IMHO, than Notability or GN–for example the document scan feature. Everyone has their own needs and preferences but for me, Apple Notes meets my needs.


I can’t believe the update was released with this serious flaw. How did the Notability guys persuade themselves it was OK to completely undo a customers carefully structured data, crazy…

I actually switched from GN to Zoomnotes. It’s very powerful and for me the killer feature is being able to attach a link back to the note into Things and easily reference the note.
It doesn’t have hand writing conversion but I decided that really wasn’t a deal breaker for me.

What a frustrating bug.

For whatever it’s worth, an in-place update works just fine, but how annoying for those transitioning to a new device. :frowning:

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@anon41602260 have you reached out to Notability support? I can’t believe that they would allow their app to be ruined by this bug - it will eventually cost them a huge amount if they do not address the issue. We will all move to a new device at some point in the future! :grinning: