Note taking for meetings

I’m looking to setup a workflow that helps with meeting note taking.

The problem: recording timely, useful notes for events, where I am the presenter or primarily speaker.
It’s hard for me to multi task.

Curve hall: my short term memory is not v reliable (thanks epilepsy!), so bullet points are basically gibberish.

Additional ball: I don’t always (hardly ever) have recording capabilities on meetings I attend (mainly Teams based)

I don’t really have a preferred app, I’m lightly using notion for project management, but I’m not wed to it

Could you ask or appoint someone to take notes for you if you are leading or presenting at the meeting? This is my approach. I need to focus on the discussion or my presentation, not notes. Just a thought.


I agree with @Bmosbacker. I’d officially ask your workplace for an accommodation for your epilepsy, if they aren’t willing to let you record or give you other assistance in response to informal inquiries.

Besides that, you might try asking your group to take notes in a shared Google doc or the like, which would let you combine words that will help you with others’ notes. You can use a template that is structured in a way that’ll helpful for you later. E.g., if you have trouble remembering who agreed to what, use a Google doc with an action items section that has an example action that holds those responsible and the due date, so others will write more completely.


At my last job each meeting had three assigned roles:

  • facilitator, who led the meeting.
  • time keeper, who kept the meeting to the agenda.
  • note taker, who took and published the notes.

Perhaps you could try something like this. It doesn’t need to be formal, just ask at the start of your next meeting.


I’m leaning towards this idea. Trouble is, I’m the sole employee in my geo, every one else is +12 hours ahead.

I’d thought about asking to use one of the “take notes AI “ services,

I like [Otter](Best #voicenote tool EVER. Seriously, 300 free #transcription minutes a month! Marcelle McShine-Quao invited you to take smarter notes with Otter 1-month Pro Lite*)

I keep notes in a book (I can always find the record of the meeting that way)

A in a circle is an action for me.
WF is waiting for (someone) to do (something)

At the end of each meeting I summarise the actions and ask ‘is there anything I have missed?’

It can be simplified to “my actions are…, is there anything I have missed” if you aren’t worried about tracking other people’s actions.

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