Note taking on Apple Watch

Any recommendations for an app to take a quick note on the Apple Watch for the times when other devices aren’t within reach? Are people using Drafts for this? Are you happy with it? Is there anything else I should be looking at?

Bear notes has an AppleWatch app that can be used to capture notes.

I sometimes ask Siri from my Apple Watch to remind of something by way of a quick note. This is useful when it is inappropriate/impossible to type on phone.

I use Drafts occasionally for that purpose. However, I almost always have my phone nearby.


Drafts works rather well, especially the voice capture

Only useful if you use the app anyway, but Microsoft Outlook has a “speak and send” note to self on Apple Watch. It’s very useful. Their To Do app has a similar function for capturing new tasks.

I use Drafts to dictate notes using my Apple Watch multiple times a day, often while driving. It always works. I love getting to my office and having these notes to process. I can also confirm that my phone doesn’t have to be nearby in order for this to work. Nor do you need a working cell connection (I live in a rural environment with poor cell service).


Could you share exactly how you go from the Apple Watch showing the time to having the Drafts app open and the mic on? And then your completion steps? My current process from start to finish is:

  • Tap on the watch complication Drafts Capture with Option
  • Tap on the Mic icon
  • Dictate my note. It’s unfortunate that dictation on the Apple Watch has no commands for formatting outlines other than “New Line.” This creates more work editing the note later.
  • Look for, and press hard on, the Checkmark icon on the upper right to save the note. (I have the 41mm Series 8, so perhaps on a larger model it’s easier to press.)
  • Press the crown to get out of Drafts and back to the watch face.

If there’s a simpler way, I’d love to know it. :slight_smile:

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I was a Tot guy, but have since gone all-in on Drafts because of its power. For $20/year to cover 4 platforms, it’s a steal.

I use Drafts but the process is convoluted. There is the app Just Press Record - but I haven’t tried it. Years ago there was another one - I can’t remember it’s name - but it was yellow and would email the text to you???

Braintoss! That’s the app I was thinking of!


Braintoss! Looks good! Purchased! Thanks!

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You are correct, I do all of those steps except for me it’s not a “hard press” on a checkmark but a regular touch on the word “Done” to complete.

In the past, it was possible to have Drafts open in Dictation mode on the Watch but I seem to remember the developer saying that Apple took away that option.

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TY, Isieverts. On the 41mm watch, the checkmark is so far in the upper corner it seems to require a harder press on mine. I remember Apple removing the option to launch Drafts dictation from a complication, and was hoping you had another way. Looks like this is it for now. Drafts is bulletproof and syncs immediately, so it’s worth the extra steps.

Since I live in Outlook at work and use To-do as my task manager I will have to try that! I’ve traditionally tried to avoid messing with email on my watch as I have to put some limits on it, but if I can avoid getting sucked into my inbox that might just work!

That’s important for me too. I’m pleased to say you can use Outlook on the watch without ever having to look at an email! :slight_smile:

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