Note taking software, etc

Hi all,

On my neverending quest, I finally decided to write down what I want and see what is out there.
Here are the attributes I’m needing:
Taking meeting notes, capturing ideas and tips so I don’t reinvent the wheel, tracking procurement, working backwards from an end date for a given task or tasks.

Any ideas? I’ve tried them all just about, but I’m still open to revisiting what I’ve already tried in case I missed anything.



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Could you mention what apps you’ve tried, and perhaps why they didn’t meet your needs? Note taking is very broad topic that depends on the users point of view. And it’s been discussed extensively here. It’s helpful to start with what didn’t work for you and why, so the members here can give you informed responses and suggestions.


Ok, good point: I’ve tried Evernote, Nimbus, Notion, ClickUp, and I want to say one other, but I can’t remember now.

Interesting. What did you like or not like about these? Where were the shortfalls?

I’m guessing that since these are all web-based apps (a couple with desktop interfaces to the web data) – that maybe you’re looking for web-based so you can use the app on multiple devices?

Have you tried using Apple Notes? I mention that because it’s something we all own on our devices and it can serve a lot – maybe all – of your requirements?

Yeah, sorry, forgot to mention Apple Notes. And my devices are all in the Apple ecosystem.
So the issue with Evernote is it is too buggy right now. I know they are working on it, and will eventually get there, but I’m needing something now. Notion was a bit too finicky in terms of setup, Nimbus is probably the closest but doesn’t really have a good way to track anything, but then again I may need a separate app for that. ClickUp had a lot of cool features but was way too much in your face, and it is primarily web based. I like web based for some aspects, but I’m mostly either on my Desktop (MacBook Pro) or my iDevices (XS Max, iPad Air 4). Edited to add that Apple Notes doesn’t work because I can’t export out of it easily, and it doesn’t have any real support for meetings, i.e. templates, etc.

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I have been using OneNote. I use it to manage my caseload. I use it to document phone calls, letters and where I am at with the process. I have the assignments in one section, in process in the next section. Completed in a third.

With OneDrive I can manage it from my phone, work computer and if I wanted my iMac.

I really wish Evernote would get with the program. There was a time it was the best player in the game. I have been using Apple Notes more, too. I am surprised at how much I use it.


I’m surprised there hasn’t yet been a mention of, or in this thread yet!


This sounds very similar to what I’ve been using Obsidian for. I take meeting notes in it, so that I can then refer to them, I use the daily notes feature to record what I worked on for a particular day and then I can link the notes to the day etc.

I think also track what I’ve emailed people on regarding specific projects. The intention is that I can slowly build up a history of milestones and important information within it, so when someone says at a later date, who authorised this, I can check and see if it was me!

It’s my own personal wiki as I see it - but it’s written in markdown and works on Mac, unlike Zim, which I was playing with before.

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I love Agenda. It has a gorgeous user interface. I find it to be quite flexible. I attach dates to notes but I don’t necessarily need to. The basics are free to use. No subscription!!! You can buy the deluxe model paying for a year and upgrading only when you see the new features as enticing.

The BEST part is the phenomenal tech support. You post a question and usually by the next day you have your answer.

It’s certainly worth checking out.


Id suggest Keep It. Really nice and well done.

1 Like will be great for this once they finish baking it.

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Do you need them all to be in one system? Part of the problem with no apps working for you may be that the needs are different for taking meeting notes vs tracking procurement. You might be able to get by with two distinct systems rather that one magic bullet. (I.e. I use drafts for short term things, vs apple notes for running meetings & long term notes vs. excel for tracking purchasing).

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That’s a good point! I have been starting to think that may be what I need to do. For example, I like and am going to use that for notes, capturing ideas. I have OmniFocus so I can start using that for tasks and yes Excel for procurement. And I know I need to declutter my digital junk drawer known as Evernote before I move to another application (current looking at Nimbus Notes) for documents, recipes, general storage. I just thought there might be a more integrated workflow. Part of my problem is that I don’t really know a good workflow for the various tasks I have. I need to find some Craft workflows.

Ditto the recommendation for Agenda. I don’t use it for all my notes (some things just fit better elsewhere), but I use it for any meetings I have and it’s fantastic.