Notebooks updates include significant enhancements to linking

The new release of Alfons Schmidt’s Notebooks, Notebooks 12 for iOS and Notebooks for Mac 3, include significant enhancements to linking. It’s a great app, well worth considering for PARA, LYT, PKM, Zettelkasten, personal wiki, note-taking, and the like.


FYI, the upgrade is free if you already purchased the most recent iOS and macOS versions.

Although Obsidian is my primary notes repository and DTP is my document hub, I use Notebooks all the time as a workspace for smaller, short term projects. For example, just started a photography course and I’m using a separate Notebooks notebook as the place where I store and review course materials, take and store class notes, do course-related writing, etc.

Since my Notebooks documents are all stored in Dropbox in their native formats, I can index them in DTP or access them from other apps as need be.

Also, Notebooks is lovely on iOS in ways that Obsidian and DTP to Go just aren’t.


thanks for introducing this nice app , I have now bought the Mac and iPadOS / iOS versions and started using it for daily basis. I posted on another thread.

I still have a lot to learn on this app, also found the automatic linking does not work too well, may be I am storing too many files on the iCloud container that it takes long time to search. However, generally the app works well and fits into my workflow