private link to an individual note

I wonder if there’s a way to quickly create a link to an individual note on as this is the only reason I still am using Evernote… anybody?

You can create a new note, then drag a message from mail into the note to create a link back to the email.

I’ve never had a need to do that. But I frequently drag messages into a Reminders task list, and set a time and date to follow up on the message.

Both notes and reminders will retrieve the email even if it is moved from its original folder.

Thanks Wayne but I was looking for a way to generate links to notes, not to mail messages.

That way I could open from my todo manager (in my case Things) straight into the actual note I need to have a look.

A swing and a miss. I really have to learn to read.

The only way I know to create a link to a note is through the Collaboration feature. Select a note then click on collab At this point you can choose to copy the link rather than send it to someone. The downside is this creates an iCloud link, requiring you to read your notes in a browser. When I tried it, it was extremely slow.


Guess I’ll stay with Evernote a little longer.

Too bad it was really close this time with subfolders and even tighter integration with iOS 13…

This is not how this functions in macOS Catalina or iOS 13. Not sure if this changed, but both open the native Notes app for me and jump straight to the note.


I’ve never used the feature, only tested it briefly a while back and passed on what I knew. It wouldn’t be the first time I was wrong - on this thread :smile:

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That works nicely! Thanks!