Notes has end-end encryption now! iOS 16

“Lock with passcode. Encrypt locked notes end‑to‑end with your iPhone passcode.”

Quoting Apple above.

I tried it and works great!

How do you think it would impact the other third party apps?

Can you lock a note with a pdf attachment?

No, only text right now. Most notes app I tried allow only text. Not sure about Obsidian or DevonThink though

I don’t think end to end encryption is new… from Feb 2021 (except that it now can use a passcode rather then a passphrase?)

lol, i never noticed it. just saw them in the summary of ios16

Just a heads up - if you’re not using MacOS 13 (currently only in Beta - my Mac won’t get it anyway) don’t use your iPhone passcode to lock notes… use a password/passphrase instead (as was the case in IOS 15)… otherwise you won’t be able to access locked notes on your Mac.

As discussed above, they’ll still be E2E encrypted and on your phone you can still have the benefit of Face unlock for locked notes.