Notes lost in iCloud

Was looking at iCloud settings and mistakenly toggled Notes off. Toggled back on and the iCloud notes had vanished and would not re-appear.

They still exist on my iCloud account as I can access them from my Mac, but am unable to see on my phone.

Any thoughts on how to fix?

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When you log into using your web browser, are the notes visible there?

If so, then we’re in good shape and can move forward with some troubleshooting:

I’d recommend turning Notes off in iCloud on your iPhone once again, waiting a minute or two, then turning Notes back on and giving your phone a good while (say, 15 minutes) to re-populate.

If not then we need to do a bit more digging.


Logging out of icloud and logging back in completely on your iPhone might help.


I did this and let the wheel spin for over an hour on notes…nothing ever came back up. Really thought they might, too!!

Tried this as well, and nothing. It even removed the test note I had made in icloud notes right before I logged out/in Letting the wheel spin again…perhaps they’ll come back this time?

Have you reported this to Apple support?

Not yet, this forum usually allows me to bypass Apple support! I might have to, though.

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Make sure you are using the same Apple ID! using .Mac, .Me or iCloud!
The mail might render no matter what domain name use use for the mail. But the iCloud services have a problem if you use a .Me instead of a .Mac or .Cloud.

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Same Apple ID for both machines and phone. My ID does have both icloud and me accounts listed as well under both machines, but neither are used as my primary account ID.

This seems to be a problem on the phone end as Notes on other Mac devices are all syncing in the icloud folder of Notes. Phone used to have them synced as well, now it does not and cannot seem to retrieve any of them? Strange.

Those listed are Aliases for email. Make sure your actual login as the correct .Mac, Me or iCloud.

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Do you mean my Apple ID? If so, my apple ID has never been my icloud account.

If something else, where would i log in with my icloud account? I don’t see where to do that, nor did I have to put that in before on the phone.

Thank you for your help!

In that case use the same email address that you are using for your AppleID across all your devices.

One other thing that comes to mind if you happen to have (had…) stored the notes on you iPhone:

  1. Stored “On your iPhone”
  2. Synced to an other service (Gmail, Yahoo etc)

If you happen to use any of these email accounts that also offer the synchronization of Notes you might want to check if these accounts are still on your iPhone and notes are enabled.

If you happen to have stored the notes “On your iPhone” then there is no hope other then extracting them from a back-up that was made trough iTunes to your Mac.