Notes on a Map?

Off topic warning, no Apple content involved. I’m here because this community knows more than I do

I’m planning a vacation in South Carolina, where I have never visited. I read lots of blogs and random travel websites. They’re chock full of good ideas and pictures. My challenge I don’t know where all these things are. I’m currently creating a google doc, but it’s killing me. I can’t see if any of the hiking I’ve made notes on (Jones Gap, Rainbow Falls) is close to anything else we might be interested in.

Effectively I want a notetaking app built on top of Google/Apple Maps. Does this is exist or will I spend the next month toiling away in google docs?

It’s limited, but in the past I’ve created a Guide in Apple Maps. Organize places in My Guides in Maps on iPhone - Apple Support

The biggest problem is that you can share it, but changes don’t follow through to the shared version. You’re just sharing a static copy at a moment in time.

But for roughing out the relative locations of thins, realizing you’re near some point of personal interest while out and about, it’s pretty good

Thanks you reminded me that google earth has a projects function. Which allows you to add stuff to it.

Of course someone has written an Obsidian plugin with a map view. It just requires lat/long, for each location.

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Hey @mlevison, check out the Roadtrippers app for iOS as well. I’ve used it in the past and found it pretty useful. ‎Roadtrippers - Trip Planner on the App Store


I really like Mapstr for this kind of thing.

Helpful hint so you don’t get too lost – Rainbow Falls is in NORTH Carolina, not far from me. :grinning: :grinning:

A lot of people share custom Google maps, such as this one

Thanks to all, here is what I learned:

  • RoadTrippers - wow $40/yr (Canadian) for a subscription. I could roll this by hand at that price :wink:
  • Mapstr - iPhone only, I’m old enough to prefer a bigger screen
  • Google maps/my maps that was what I needed I just couldn’t find it on my own. I’m giving google more of my personal data.

FWIW The obsidian plugin with am embedded map view was in second place. However just searching by name and adding is easier.

@KirkS I do see that Rainbow Falls is in NC. Curiously the source I was reading for waterfalls: 14 Stunning Waterfalls In South Carolina - Southern Trippers Suggests it’s only 45 min from Greenville and another source said it was near Jones Gap state park. Clearly either they’re in error or referring to another set of falls. Be careful if you give any more advice a hoard of Canadians may descend into your neighbourhood.

@WayneG @tf2 @runhikemike @snptrs thanks for your help,

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The U.S. Board on Geographic Names says there are 28 places called Rainbow Falls in the U.S. (using “exact match”), including a populated place in Sumter County, SC, a falls in Greenville County, SC, a populated place in Aiken County SC, a falls in Transylvania County, NC, and a falls in Rutherford County, NC.

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Thanks @tf2 now @KirkS no longer needs to fear a Canadian invasion.

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:rofl: :rofl: Okay, great, that’s one less thing to worry about.

And thanks for the info on all the other Rainbow Falls.


Not an app, but felt seems the perfect solution to the problem


Thanks - I’ve added to my list of future toys. For this trip I think google maps is fit for purpose.


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