NotesCmdr - Slash commands and markdown for Apple Notes

I made an extension that adds Notion-style slash commands and markdown editing to Apple Notes over the holidays. It also adds an inline calculator that I found handy. I’d love to hear your thoughts!


Interesting! I didn’t know extensions/plugins were possible for AN, and this seems worthwhile for heavy users of the app.

Wonder if someone can build one to change the default editing font…


Apple Notes itself doesn’t have a way to build plugins, but there’s an accessibility API in macOS that let’s you hook into apps! Good question about the editing font, I might poke around a bit and see

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Thank you @rexec. This is making marvelous. What happens when the notes or operating system are updated question mark will your plug-in need to be reinstalled? How can I/we keep in touch with the evolution of NotesCmdr?

I’ve been wishing AN had the ability to generate a link for its notes. I’d love to embed some in calendar notes as a shortcut to finding them.

Is that something which you know about and is possible to do? It sounds like you’re well-versed with the app and so I thought to ask.

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@nplanchon Thanks! I’m using documented & non-deprecated APIs so the app should just keep working when macOS updates. If something breaks I’m planning on issuing an update. You’ll get notified of updates if you buy a license (or you can follow me on Twitter, link in upper right corner of website).

Links are a good idea. There seems to be a notes:// url schema for referencing notes locally - looking into this :+1:

Such a brilliant app, thank you! Just downloaded it and have a couple of questions:

  1. Am I right in thinking there isn’t any UI for the app? e.g. a menubar item or similar?
  2. What’s the difference between Free & Paid?
  3. Do you plan to develop it further? Have a shopping list of requests!! (Inserting templates near the top of that list!

@august Thanks!

  1. The menu bar item is only visible when Notes is in focus
  2. None yet, except that the free version is nagware, but new features will be in paid
  3. I’ll keep making improvements! DM:ing you about details on templates
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You can now use templates in Notes with NotesCmdr! NotesCmdr


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I’m a heavy AN user, and I like what you’ve done with this app. Is it possible, and if so, do you plan to have iOS and iPad versions?

Unfortunately iOS is more locked down than macOS, so an app like this wouldn’t be possible at the moment…


I suspected that would be the case. :disappointed: