Notification for edit made to existing Google Doc?

Does anyone know if it’s possible to set up some sort of notification system when someone edits an existing Google Doc shared with me?

Not possible in Google Docs, but it’s a feature for changes to spreadsheets.

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Okay thanks, boy, I would sure love that though. Just a quick heads up: “someone is now working actively in this document, go and look at that” with a link.

Seems crazy that’s not a thing.


For shared folders, my colleague and I put a spreadsheet at the top level. We both subscribe to it. Whenever someone makes a change in the folder, they are required to make a corresponding log-book entree in the spreadsheet. Everyone else gets a notification that a change was made.



I get email notifications when another user replies to a comment I’ve made in Google Docs. Could you set up a protocol that they reply to a comment each time anyone makes a change in the doc?