Notifications on a different device

I have a couple of headless Macmini’s and I want to get notifications from the Macmini to another device. Either iOS or macOS. Is this possible? I’m thinking specifically of iMazing notifications. I messaged DigiDNA on Twitter and they said it can’t be done.

Is this truly not possible?

KM / Pushover combination might do the trick?

I have Keyboard maestro send push notifications to pushover when specific macros are triggered.
Works really well.

Is this what you’re referring to?

The iOS app yes, I use Keyboard Maestro to send a push notification on the mac.

source of the KM macro:

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What would trigger Keyboard Maestro to send the notification to Pushover? Or am I not thinking about this correctly?

Anything you want, it can be a change in a file, a message arriving, whatever you want basically

I mainly have pushover notify me of failures to process files f.e.
Or when my Omnifocus inbox has failed to parse correctly

There is no way to have Notifications from one Mac go to another.

Growl had this feature, I believe, but Notifications basically killed Growl (and still isn’t as good, some 6 years later, because as usual, Apple made a free, weak, built-in app that killed a better but for-pay app ($2, I think?).

If there are events that you can monitor with Keyboard Maestro or launchd or Hazel, then, yes, you could use Pushover to send a notification, but you aren’t ever going to get all of one Mac’s notifications on another Mac.

That’s a bummer, but sorta what I figured.