Notifications - the disconnect between tech enthusiasts and the rest of the world

Sometimes it’s easy to forget that most people aren’t interested in learning what many of us consider to be basic. I hope the revamp of notifications in iOS 12 helps people harness their notifications, but I have my doubts. This was an actual exchange in our house on a family vacation today:

Me, a bit annoyed: “Dad, the notifications on your iPad have been chirping nonstop all morning.”

Dad: “Oh, sorry. I’ll go put it under my pillow.”

My work is cut out for me.


I taught my parents about VIP notifications a few months ago. Changed their lives - and mine! :wink:

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It is an important thing to remember, it’s why default settings are so important, I keep meaning to experiment myself but I have heard all sorts of things said by people about this, “95% of users won’t look in the setting”.

One of the biggest places where this is obvious is the smart speaker market, most people use them as little more then glorified kitchen timers.

Sadly I doubt things will ever change, people are lazy, the most effective way I have found for teaching people why they should change a setting or whatever is by pointing out how much lazyier it lets them be, for instance a long time ago I said to my dad, how great would it be if your phone only buzzed when it was something you actually cared about. So you would know only when you had to look.


This is just for phone calls right?

It also works for emails and text messages.

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