"%@" Notifications

This is tough to Google, so sorry if it’s an obvious one.

I just got this permission request:

I haven’t installed an app called “%@” with a Warning icon as its app icon, heh. Any guesses as to where this might have come from?

I know Google-Fu


Can’t help you find where it came from, unfortunately.

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My first guess, which won’t help at all, is “%@“ is a variable. If it happens again checking the logs in console.app might give you some more info.

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What was the winning search query?! I tried "%@" Notifications with Verbatim on, but no dice…

@WayneG Thanks! I’ll keep an eye on the log.

I don’t remember exactly, but aside from putting it in quotes I probably also included iOS and string.

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Check the titles of your notes… :rofl:

Sorry, how do you mean?

It might refer to a note that you stored in the notes that are synchronized via Gmail. It might very well be that you have a test note where you just entered %@ in the first sentence of a note witch turned into a title.

Just search not notes for this title, if it shows up delete it and take it from there.

Just pointing this out to look for the simple things that might cause this before going into a tailspin :wink:

I’m confused.

How would a note come to cause macOS ask permission for that note to display notifications?

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Aye, my confusion is the same as @anon41602260’s, @MacExpert.

It would also be an odd event because I haven’t used notes in ages!

Hey if there is no note with a title like that you can rule this “simple” thing out and start focussing on the more complicated matters. Thats all I have to say.

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I wonder if there is a utility that would tell you who owns a window?
It would probably just say %@, but who knows.

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Ah, I probably should have looked harder.

Instead I just decided to gamble and hit “Allow.” I will update this thread if I ever see %@ notify me about anything, hah

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I need to follow this because this started happening to me a couple of weeks ago. Just haven’t had time to look into it.

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I’m not a real power user, because I read this thread title as if it were a comic book character’s complaint about notifications.

“Blanking notifications!”