Notion Revisited

I watched this new video. Last July, there was a flurry of posts on Notion. Wondering about current thoughts/experiences.

Essentally, it’s a personal wiki. And that requires a not insubstantial amount of maintenance and pruning, in my experience. Also, since it’s so open-ended and flexible, I see (too) many posts on Reddit and elsewhere with people asking to see other people’s Notion setups.

Personally, I prefer an app with a more solid structure into which I can accommodate myself. Others might prefer the open-ended flexibility, however.

When I played with it a year ago I found the search to be pretty rudimentary, but perhaps that has been addressed. if you want to use it as a task manager, note that recurring reminders are still MIA


I am somewhat of the same opinion.

I’ve been using Notion for many months and have found the application to be somewhat onerous for someone that is using it for his personal life only.

I could imagine it being incredible for team management/documentation but I find the friction of having to ‘work’ to get a page setup enough to something I like/can deem functional enough a reason to not use it often enough.

Also, it can get messy quickly with the sheer number of pages within pages that slowly build up over time. Pruning you used is the perfect word.

I am considering moving back to Bear. Despite its flaws of not being cross-platform and not having tables its something I will use and enjoy. Oftentimes the best tool is the way you will use.

Notion tries to be a lot of things; Task Manager, Project Manager, Calendar, Kanban board etc but I’d prefer to use seperate sophisticated apps dedicated to that sole function. I was tempted by having everything in one but it’s too messy and not as powerful.


Agreed…jack of all trades master of none

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I gave Notion another try recently and decided to give it up after two weeks. The main reasons are:

  • Poor mobile experience
  • Reminders are difficult to set up and generally unreliable
  • Reports of data loss from users
  • Importing data from other sources constantly fails

Those issues are a shame because I really like Notion and want to use it.


I have looked at a lot of training videos including on SkillShare and this person is the best of the best with his videos available on YouTube and can get his templates.

Notion Training on YouTube

I think any “training” video entitled “How Changes Everything” is off to very bad start.

I use Notion a lot and like it a lot, but I’m sick of being told that it does everything.

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Well sounds like confirmation bias to have an opinion before even watching the videos.

“… this person is the best of the best…” but I’m the one with confirmation bias?

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