Notre Dame Fire

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But, turning to the news a couple hours ago and witnessing – with the rest of the world – the destruction of a global icon – for many a global treasure – was shocking. I recall walking the nave of that building and feeling the whispers of 800+ years of history, both glorious and dreadful, pressing in from all sides. Like everything, it has slipped into memory.


Such a tragedy! Notre Dame was the first ‘real’ cathedral I ever saw. I had been into Australian cathedrals (which are far less grand) and didn’t see what the big deal was. I remember walking into the nave and feeling an incredible sense of awe at its scale and (despite that) grace.


I’ve been crying, it is horrible. I watched the video of the spire collapsing and had to stop. Feels like 9/11


The latest news is that “the worst has been avoided.” I hope that’s true.

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It should not be, thankfully.
(btw it has been rebuilt at least a couple of times in it’s history, it will be rebuilt again :slight_smile:)

and many times in the centuries at some point a king decided to tear down something and rebuild it, so we lost a lot of “versions” of those monuments :stuck_out_tongue:

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Good point! See Old St Paul’s, for example:


Perhaps this thread is not entirely off topic, as it turns out:


In line with @Wolfie’s and other comments:

This is heartbreaking. Visited there twice. It was so spiritual. 2nd visit was with my son then aged 4- and now 41. I hope he remembers the visit.

Frauenkirche after the criminal bombing of Dresden and today.

Europeans are used to rebuild stuff and did so several times with almost every historic building.

There are reports in the French media that the French authorities are saying that a “computer glitch”. Maybe it’s an error in translation. And surely no Mac’s involved (I would hope). But do the computer experts here have thoughts? To start a fire requires heat, fuel, and oxygen. Which of these delivered by computer?

The press ascribe the comment to the “rector” of the cathedral – most likely not a position requiring any technical background. I wouldn’t read much into meaningless terms like “computer glitch”.