November 2019 Sales and Hardware/Software Deals

For iPhone:
Now free, down from $1.99

Split - Dual Browser Tabs: neat little hack app shows 2 browser tabs side-by-side in landscape view on an iPhone:

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Mac App Store

URL Manager Pro, currently free (usually $14.99). Longtime Mac app, but I see it isn’t highly rated in the Mac. (Still, free.)

Vicinity, a Mac menubar app that plays background sounds, now free (usually around $2.99):

Ethernet Status, menubar app now free (normally $2.99):


Apple 4K, 32GB is currently $90 through AT&T. Not sure for how long but I just snagged one no issue. Comes with a year of Apple TV+ like all other new Apple devices.

Solid deal here: $30 for the entire series of The Office (US) on iTunes (it’s leaving Netflix next year, I believe).

I believe this is a 32-bit app so will no longer work in Catalina. I’ve noticed the same for other Mac apps that have gone free lately.

Nice catch, thanks. I looked at the dev’s page and it says a 64-bit version is available now for testing, and that ‘registered users’ can upgrade for a ‘special price’ which appears to be $25. And that’s certainly not special, given the pricing history if the app:

So maybe it’s still worth playing with for free if you aren’t on Catalina yet…

I recall that there was a recent sales for The Office, was it $20 for the whole series?

This summer it was $5 cheaper, but with a new channel showing repeats instead of Netflix soon this could be the lowest or close to lowest price you’ll see for a while.

BundleHunt is back with the Holiday bundle, including 43 Catalina-ready apps.

Interesting, right now the unlock price is only $1, but they’ll go up in the next day or so, so worth checking it out ASAP.

Some apps in the bundle I’ve heard of and are worth checking out: DropShare, CloudMounter, Batteries, ActiveDock, and PullTube. What else is good?

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It’s a good deal! :+1: Yesterday, for $13 total I picked (without your affiliate link :wink:) up WhatSize, Batteries, MetaImage, and SnapMotion. (There are several other good apps available in the bundle too [which I own], and many of them are also part of SetApp.)

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Haha, I tried to always use the affiliate link of someone I like or a service I use whenever I buy something–it’s an extra step, but a tiny one and is a great way of giving a tiny “thank you” to sites/services I love. But I also know lots of folks assume that affiliate/referral immediately biases things, so ¯_(ツ)_/¯

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This might be today-only:

$50 iTunes gift card (email delivery) for $42.50 at amazon. (I set my own email address as the giftee address)

You must enter coupon ITUNES at checkout.

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Awesome deal! And FYI, if you have a family account (e.g. my wife and I both have an account that shares Prime & purchases with each other), then both accounts can get the card.

Somehow I couldn’t find any apps that I like… sad …

WhatSize is a great app, although there are free alternatives. I finally bought TextSoap, after using the free menubar mini-utility on and off for years. Permute is a solid media converter (which I already own). Luminar Flex is a nice option for quick and easy on1-button photo editing (with some customization options) - I own the Luminar app and didn’t need Flex. Pulling screenshots from videos is something I want to do now and again, and that’s why I grabbed SnapMotion for $1.

I’m enjoying the Batteries widget which I got from the deal:


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PDF Plus in the Mac App Store is currently 99¢. For the last year it was $4.99.

Crop, convert, watermark, merge, and has a batch mode. Looks powerful, if a bit clunky.

Best Buy has the Homepod on sale starting now for Black Friday. $199.

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Best Buy (U.S.) also has 12TB “Easystores” for about $16/TB:

Use 'em as is, or “shuck” them for your DAS or NAS.

I’m using SnagIt for this but sure, $1 for SnapMotion is a no brainer!

StackSocial has some nice deals on apps I own and recommend:

iMazing 2 universal license Mac/Windows, normally $45 (I think) now on sale for $14.99

KeyCue menubar keyboard/emoji shortcut app, normally €20, on sale for $11.99