November 2020 Sales and Hardware/Software/etc. Deals

Scooter software is doing 20% off for the (US) Election


How would compare “Beyond Compare” vs Chronosync?

Different beasts - Beyond compare is for comparing text files etc.

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Beyond Compare does list “Synchronize Folders” as one of its features.

Dan Moren did a nice write-up about Beyond Compare earlier this year:

I’ve had it on my wishlist for awhile now, so I’ll definitely be getting a copy.


Free 1 year subscription to blinkist if you have an American Express

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The latest BundleHunt is out ($1 unlock fee):

Screens is $3. Any other apps that folks would recommend?

I like PDF Squeezer, simple and does a great job.

I advise against Squash (never worked for me, prefer Aerate) and X-Mirage (32-bit on my install).

Confirmed. Squash was less than impressive.

Thought DriveDX would help me with some problematic drives but it was essentially useless. I don’t regret it yet but it’s not for fixing things.

I got PhotoSweeper …I tend to create a lot photo dupes (better safe than sorry my adage) so hopefully it’ll help me reign things in a bit.

Grabbed Pulltube even though I have SYC2 and primarily use Downie

Grabbed Metaimage because I plan to grab a mirrorless and start shooting better quality photos. I want to make sure my EXIF data and other stuff is solid.

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BrainFeverMedia has put

Humans Photo Editor

on sale. It has human figures you can artistically place in photos. Lot’s of uses for people that don’t need something like Poser.

It’s a Mac/iOS Universal which is nice It should be $4.99 down from $7.99

Thanks for the heads up, that’s a great deal!

Now I wait for the iOS version to go on sale. :smiley:

Ableton Live 10 for free

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Nice, just be aware this is the Lite version (Ableton comes in three flavors). It can however be upgraded to the “bigger” versions so it’s a good entry point. :slight_smile:

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Looks like the Samsung T5 1 TB external SSD is on sale for $129.99
They even have the T7 1TB on sale for $159.99

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Proton Mail/VPN: Black Friday deal (Up to 50% off). Includes early access to ProtonDrive, a trusted place to store your personal files. Specific:

  • ProtonMail Plus for 1 year: 39$ instead of 60$
  • Mail & VPN Plus for 1 year: 99$ instead of 180$
  • Mail & VPN Plus, 2 years: 180$ instead of 360$

Thanksgiving Sale on Web Editor Pinegrow $65

Been checking out Pinegrow for a coupe of years now and might give it whirl now that it’s on Thansgiving Sale for 35% off at 65 USD

Pinegrow Web Editor

Accidentally necro bumped the 2019 thread. Sorry

Screenflow, everyone’s favorite screencast and editor is on sale, 20% off

As of today, Screenflow 9.0.5 is not completely Big Sur ready, but should be soon. Ends December 2, 2020. New sales only-not valid on upgrades or support.

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Alloy, a “launcher and automator” app, is currently free on the i(Pad)OS App Store. I don’t know anything about it but it looks interesting…

Target is offering a $20 Target gift card with $100 Apple gift card purchase

From that link
“Apple Gift Card - App Store, iTunes, iPhone, iPad, Airpods, Macbook, and accessories (Email Delivery)”
" * For all things Apple—products, accessories, apps, games, music, movies, TV shows, iCloud, and more."
" * Total Card purchase cannot exceed $500."

I am not certain of all the restrictions (including how long the offer is good for, if it’s valid outside the US, whether there might be excluded items, etc.) but it looks like these can be used to buy hardware too.

Apple payment & pricing info

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All versions, iOS, macOS (and others) of Paprika Recipe Manager v. 3 is on sale.

Paprika 3 for iOS is 40% off
Paprika 3 for macOS is 50% off

Visit for more info.