Now Days, Can Apple Notes, Reminders, saved text messages be

Now Days, Can Apple Notes, Reminders, and saved text messages be saved in DropBox, rather than iCloud?

No; Apple’s first-party apps only sync with iCloud … which works better than ever.


… which took a bit of time to become as reliable as they are now. I like that Apple seems to eventually get their apps and services where they need to be, they’re very persistent about the right things.


Well… mostly

IIRC, both @MacSparky and Federico Viticci have both talked about having notes that aren’t properly sync’d across devices lately.

From what I’ve seen on Twitter and Reddit these issues have been most insistent with people who were on the beta and had sync problems at that time. Not sure how prevalent it is for others who weren’t on the beta.

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I respectfully withdraw my question.

I’m having Apple Notes syncing issues and I have never used a Beta.

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Thank you Bmosbacker! Me too. I wasn’t going to say anything else about it, because the conversation seemed to be going sideways.

The not syncing has me concerned, and I was looking for a way to make sure I don’t lose them, like I have some photos.

Thanks for speaking up. :innocent:

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I don’t doubt a lot of people have had the issues, just that it really seems more highly concentrated with people who were initially using the beta, got their sync screwed up, then were unable to get it fixed with the final OS release.

This is easily the worst OS rollout Apple has overseen in years. In another post I linked to this informative article posted today from someone who had been an Apple software engineer for 18 years:


Good article bowline! Thanks for sharing.