Now This is an iPad I Can Get Excited About


Deleted for inaccurate prices.

I am looking forward to this year’s upgrade. I have been running on a 2018 iPad Pro, and it’s time to upgrade very old iPads across the house.

I honestly am glad I upgraded a few months ago from my 2018. The expected price hike is going to be ROUGH to justify. That being said, I really hope the new keyboard will be backward compatible. I’m still rocking my original Magic Keyboard and it’s been great, but looking forward to seeing what the new one has in store.

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Apple’ll capture their margin, but I’m hoping they can offer these relatively cheaply for non-TV OLED. The price should drop as the supply chain builds up to manufacture OLED for more devices/appliances in high volume.

Before M3 was revealed, I was hoping for a bump in base RAM to 12GB for smaller storage pros, but they stuck with the base 8GB.

The new keyboard could be pretty ridiculous, though.

So maybe…$1800 for 256GB 12.9" with the keyboard and stand? We shall see.

It sounds like a terrific machine. But the only thing I would change about my 2020 iPad Pro is the ability to use an external monitor full screen. So I’ll probably move down to an iPad Air when my iPP gives up the ghost, especially if Apple adds a pro-motion screen.

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Those specs on the current model it goes for $1548. I was obviously off on my pricing (I could have sworn I priced an average iPad Pro at $2k, but I guess not). Apple is pretty good about not raising prices on established lines, so I think you might be right.