Now using the new iPad Pro 12.9 with external monitor

I am now able to connect the new iPad Pro 12.9 to the LG monitor in my office. The best of both worlds—portability and pencil options while also using a large monitor. Is anyone doing this?


Is this wired through the USB-C on the iPad?

Yes, I have a USB cable running from the iPad to the back of the LG monitor. Works great with no dongles. :slight_smile:

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Is there an extended mode? Or can you shut off the iPad if you have a keyboard attached for writing?

I don’t yet know. I discovered this by mistake when I grabbed the USB-C cable to charge the iPad. I grabbed the one attached to the monitor and the iPad showed up. I’ll see what happens when I get back to the office.

Certain apps will allow an “Extended” mode. You could use PowerPoint with the main presentation on the external monitor and the preview for the presenter on the iPad.

It depends on the app. But an extended display like what we have on the Mac doesn’t seem possible. You don’t have a mouse cursor in iOS. You’d still have to look at your point to see what you’re pointing at.