Nuke & Pave MBA - help please

My home MBA (2013) is getting sluggish…yeah after 5 years of (not so heavy) usage what would I expect, right? :grinning:

I’d like to nuke and pave and install from scratch (I’m using my iPad a lot, so no need for a new laptop…though the Mac mini is smilling at me and I’m trying to resist the temptation — not easy after the last Connected episode!!)

Anyway, could anyone detail the steps or point me to a guide so I do a clean install? Never done it before and wouldn’t like to mess with it.

Going to back up first of course.


This checklist is very handy. Bit old, but still relevant.


Apple’s support document can walk you through it:

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Unless I’m missing something, the tech support article just tells you how to replace macOS. Since you’ve had your machine for 5 years I assume you’ve accumulated a substantial amount of apps and data. Therefore I recommend the checklist.

You can recover your current apps and data from a backup, however I recommend reinstalling your apps fresh wherever possible.

This is what I intend to do indeed. Good opportunity to let go apps that I’m not using anymore!!

After an upgrade of my OS to Big Sur a month ago, I’m still having some issues so I decided I have to do a full nuke and pave. I have everything backed up but finding this thread to make sure I wasn’t missing anything and sure enough, I didn’t think of a bunch of things. For example, Alfred snippets, Apple keyboard shortcuts, Hazel rules (I don’t have many).

So the link to asianefficiency which I totally forgot about will make this go a lot smoother.