Number of Notes in Apple Notes - Any Syncing Issues?

As I’ve shared previously, I am using Apple’s default apps for my personal and professional work.

As I have progressed I have a accomulated over 600 notes in AN. Most are text notes, some contain PDFs and images. I’m NOT using AN as a “database.” I’m using, well, for notes. :slightly_smiling_face:

So far, syncing has been flawless.

My question for those who use AN extensively," how many notes do you have and have you run into syncing issues, e.g., slow or missing notes?"

I’m keeping an eye on this for obvious reasons. Your input will be appreciated, thanks!

Only about 300 notes, but all syncing has been going well. With my newfound use for text replacement’s ability to do multiple lines (if made on the mac), this has essentially let me make “templates” for apple notes. I am considering moving daily journal and literature notes to apple notes as well from obsidian, as I suspect apple notes will likely get a wikilink style feature at some point (appreciate your post with the copy-link, its workable but not yet ready for prime time, but I think apple notes will get there). And with exporter on mac I do weekly export/backup of my notes in markdown so for my simple uses I’m not sure obsidian is necessary anymore.

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I’m also doing a similar experiment — I don’t have quite as many notes as you, just around 500, but the sync has been pretty solid so far. I do sometimes have to close and reopen Notes on a device to trigger the sync, but once I do that it tends to work.

I’m still nervous about putting mission critical docs in Notes given the issues I’ve had with sync in the past, but my faith is being restored. As an aside, I have noticed some weirdness with Reminders sync — I have a list which is empty when I click into it but in the sidebar shows that I have 2 tasks. :woman_shrugging:t5:

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Thanks for the feedback. I’m doing the exactly the same thing. :slightly_smiling_face: I’m still using Obsidian, however, for research purposes.

Thanks. I’m using the Exporter app to export Apple Notes to markdown each week so I will always have my notes in plain text and backed up with BackBlaze. I’ve not had any issues with Reminders or any other Apple app with the exception of Notes but I’ve not had a problem with Notes sync for over a year thus far. :crossed_fingers:

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On my M1 MBP, I just imported all my Obsidian notes twice, which bumped my Apple Notes up to -3,000.
Then I created a note with -130MiB of files dropped in, and duplicated that until I had 1024 copies of the note. Of course duplicating 512 notes took a few minutes.
I now have -4,200 notes, over 100GiB, which is uploading to iCloud.
So far my phone has -2785 notes.
256GiB phone with 24GiB available. Should be interesting :thinking:


Wow, that is a lot of notes!! Please let me know how the syncing goes. If you have a good experience with syncing that many notes my confidence in AN will increase significantly. Thanks for sharing.

Stress Test

The stress test has gone remarkably well.
After creating the notes detailed above, they began syncing to my iMac Pro this morning. After the drive filled up, the computer crashed (predictably), but I made space, and the sync continued.
I now have about 3,775 notes. To add insult to injury, I created a couple of notes and dropped in a ~1.5GiB video in each. They synced to my M1 MBP without any problem.

My iPad is catching up, has 3773 notes, and is in the process of downloading the final two notes with videos. (edit: downloaded and played.) Interestingly, these notes are listed in iPad Storage, but seem to fall under System Data.

Of course this isn’t a long-term test, but the fact that Apple Notes can handle a few thousand notes that are over 150GiB is pretty impressive.

Now I’m going to free up my disk space…

Screenshot showing disc space used by Apple Notes is 151GiB.

Screenshot showing number of notes is 3,811, and a preview of a note with a Bat For Lashes video dropped into it.


That is impressive and frankly encouraging now that I’m using AN for personal and professional notes (though I use Obsidian for research notes). Thanks for posting the results!


I have 2791 notes currently after a migration from Evernote last year. It did take a long while to fully sync the notes and get the same result on all my devices but now seems to be all good and reliable.

At first I was disappointed with the slow sync but members on this forum advised to wait and all would be fine. Turned out to be correct and I have not missed Evernote one bit despite being an avid user for years.

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Impressive! Did you find a way of importing images as well as text into Apple a notes at all? I’m considering a move from Craft to AN but can’t find a method of taking both text and images across in bulk export/ import…

No, I didn’t check image importing.
I don’t know if apple notes has any awareness of markdown and images embedded within (I imported from Obsidian initially).
I saw your post elsewhere, and wonder if rtf might be a workable intermediate format.
However, that might just move the challenge to one of getting Craft to export rtf.

Thanks for the response (and in the other thread too). I tried the various export formats form Craft and none of them seemed to do the trick. I’ll take a look at the intermediate steps you mention too, and see if I can get that to work… Thanks again.

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