OBS vs mmhmm - what do you use?

I was lucky enough to get in early on the mmhmm beta. Love how easy it was to add things behind me when on Zoom and Teams calls. The virtual camera and integration on the mac being stellar.

Now with M1 I can thumbs up in real-time (although to be honest that feature is too buggy to be of any real use). I’m going to be running a parsley games Dangertown Beatdown with my friends, and thought I’d try OBS on my MacBook Air M1.

OBS is definitely not as easy, and to get system audio into the call I needed to install Blackhole (GitHub - ExistentialAudio/BlackHole: BlackHole is a modern macOS virtual audio driver that allows applications to pass audio to other applications with zero additional latency.). The power though of the different scene’s, having screen elements update when a text files changes, means it’s perfect for what I need. It might be free and open source, but it is used by all the big Twitch streamers.

Anyone got any tips on how to get the most out of OBS and I’ll be saying by to mmhmm for good. Sorry $99 a year just a little steep for me.

Don’t you get year 1 free as a beta tester for mmhmm?

oh - I got both & forgot which is which

I’ve been using OBS since the pandemic to capture videos. I don’t use blackhole but have been happy with iShowU Audio Capture. [OS X]Capture audio with iShowU Audio Capture | OBS Forums

I don’t think iShowU has been updated for BIg Sur and M1 macs - but think it works in the same way as my BlackHole.

Yea I’m still on Mojave! good to know!

@philstollery What are you using for audio capture? I’m getting a new Mac Mini