Obsidian and Proactive suggestions

I reallly love using Obsidian. And I now adore the new Os’s proactive suggestions.

But, according to, Frederico’s iPadOS and iOS review, I can’t use both:

“Apps that use native text views on iOS and iPadOS (Obsidian, which is built with web technologies16, can’t be part of this category of apps, sadly) can also take advantage of the new proactive suggestions displayed as-you-type next to the cursor.”

Which makes me :frowning:

I know I could, on Mac, edit using an external editor, but that won’t work on ipad.

Any suggestions?

Can you give an example? I don’t understand what a “proactive suggestion” that happens when typing, unless you mean when I type “my email is” and then the predictive text shows you email addresses (which works for me in Obsidian).