Obsidian copy/past question-frustration

So far, after loading a few helpful plug-ins, I’m liking Obsidian. I have, however, run into a frustration. If I go into preview mode and then attempt to copy and then paste the rendered text into another app. e.g., Mail, nothing happens. After trying several workarounds I had to paste the content into Craft and then copy the content from Craft and paste it into Mail.

Is this normal behavior? Is there a workaround?

A quick test and copying from the Obsidian preview to Mail works fine for me (as does copying to iA Writer and Word). What kind of content are you trying to copy? Does it work if you try it without the plugins?

Hmmm, that is both encouraging and puzzling. :slight_smile: I’ll disable the plug-ins one at a time and see what happens. I only have three community plug-ins installed.

I just tried it and it all works for me too. But the gotcha is that I have my Mail set to be plain text and when I do that it obviousl ypasts in as plain text without the rendering.

But if I set my email client to make the message rich text then I see the rendered text when I paste it in.

I’m using the following Community plug-ins in my Obsidian vault

Sliding Panes (Andy’s Mode)
Smart random Note
Tag Wrangler
Kindle Highlights

Hope that helps

Copy and paste should not be affected by a plug-in.

But, I’m having the same issue – the Mac bonks when trying to paste to Mail.

… looking into possible causes

Edit: I think I have a partial root cause. If I put the cursor in the Preview in Obsidian and use Edit > Select All or ⌘S, followed by Edit > Copy or ⌘C, Obsidian is selecting not only the preview but also the header of the panels next to the preview. So, it seems there is confusing data on the clipboard, which Mail rejects.

If I don’t use Select All of ⌘S but merely drag the pointer across the data in Preview that I want to copy, then copy from Obsidian and paste to Mail works.

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I’m glad I’m not the only one with this experience. Thanks for the tip; I’ll give that a try!

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Is there a way that we could report this as a bug to the developers?

Of course – the forums we’ve mentioned several times before :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Actually, if you look there, there are threads where Erica acknowledges Select All is not optimal. I might assume since they are working on the WYSIWYG editor that perhaps fixing this is not a priority. But, go to the forums and tell them it matters.

I’ll give that a shot but I’ve only used Discord a few times and I’m still finding the GUI confusing, much more so than Discourse. :slight_smile:

Okay. As mentioned previously in other threads. You do not have to use Discord.

There are two Obsidian forums.

One is on Discord.

The other is on Discourse.

The Discourse forum is topic-oriented like all Discourse forums. The Obsidian Discord forum is category-oriented as opposed to threaded topics and is like a never-ending conversation with
hundreds of participants. The Obsidian developers hang out in both of those, and on Reddit.

You might consider replying to the Obsidian Discourse thread on the “Select All” topic.

Sorry to be slow on the uptake on this one! I’ll join the Obsidian Discourse forum—that will be perfect. The never ending stream of conversation, like Twitter, is not my cup of tea! :slight_smile:

Done. :slight_smile: ……………………….