Obsidian Export to PDF on Mac, not Mobile?

As I have become more adept at using Obsidian, I’ve discovered an important (to me) feature present in Obsidian on the Mac but that seems to be missing on the mobile version. I can post this on the Obsidian forum but I thought I’d check with the Obsidian gurus here first.

On my MBP, if I select cmd+P one of my options is to export to PDF. This is exactly what I want.

However, on Obsidian mobile, this option is not present.

Am I missing something?

It’s an open feature request (with no-one replying they want the feature).

One method is to use (misleadingly named) command in Obsidian: “Open in Default App: Share” to open the share sheet and from there send the note to Drafts, and then use printing or another Drafts action to produce the PDF. I assume you know how to get the iOS/iPadOS print dialog to create a PDF?


Thanks @anon41602260. It must not be a feature in high demand. :slight_smile:

I want this feature because I’m writing presentation notes in Obsidian and then will use a PDF file when speaking, partly because I can zoom text as needed on my iPad, which I cannot do with Obsidian.

I do know how to use the Open Default App and how to share to PDF. But here is the strange quirk. On the MBP, I can export a preview version of the document perfectly to PDFExpert. But, on mobile Obsidian it will only export the md/editor version of the PDF. Strange.

For now, my work around on the iPad is to open the document in iA Writer and then export, that also works perfectly.