Obsidian Field Guide?

It’s no secret that David has been working on a Field Guide for Obsidian for a while. Any idea when it will be released?


This would be good to know since I just started using Obsidian with the PARA organization method.

IRC, he’s currently busy writing the Millenium Falcon field guide.


I thought he was writing the Jedi Field Guide for Baby Yoda. :man_shrugging::grinning:


He is doing this Fulltime now, so he has less time to do things like that… :wink:


Following as well. I think I might transition to Obsidian but would rather wait for the Field Guide to be more focused.

This is precisely the position I find myself in.

I’ve been hoping the Field Guide would have been out this summer to get it for my son who found after his freshman year at college he needed a better note taking system. Summer turned odd and I haven’t had a chance to sit with him to walk him through what I’ve learned in 3+ years with Obsidian (nor my 20+ years honing different note systems (which all sit under what Obsidian watches over now) as well as building shared note systems for organizations for various purposes.

Isn’t Mike Schmitz doing an Obsidian university? BTW, there’s a pretty good free Obsidian tutorial on YouTube. Its two years old, but its stil useful IMO. It covers all the basics so you’ll be up and running in no time.

It’s just gone on pre-sale for Labs early access so it can’t be long until it’s out.

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I bought it. The videos are being uploaded now and, I’m guess, maybe the first half are currently uploaded.

They’re good.

I’ve been using obsidian for a year so I’m not a beginner, but I’m finding the lessons useful.

There’s a refreshing calmness about the way David explains things.


I find there is a refreshing calmness about David generally!


So very true. He’s the Bob Ross of technology.

Which edition did you get? The cheaper one seems just basics

I got the bigger version … but because I got it early, I’ve only been going through the “basics” and they’ve been very helpful. Very good value because they’ve gotten me over a few humps, and I feel like I am using Osidian more easily now.

I’m currently creating a cohort-based course for the work I do, and while getting my head around how these things work, I had a minor epiphany (:bulb:!) that’s so obvious in hindsight I wonder why it never occurred to me before.

It’s this:

  • Many of the courses I’ve done in the past have overloaded my poor brain with too much stuff and they’ve paralysed me. Ironically, I’ve gotten less value, because the course people gave me “too much value”.
  • Contrast them with a course I did a course, about 6 months ago. It cost me $us5,000 and it really, really basic. It covered the fundamentals of the topic slowly but thoughtfully, and at the end of it I ended up using the stuff, in the real world.

Getting the basics right is important - and that, for me, is what David @MacSparky’s course did very well. I’ve already got 20-50x the cost of the basic course back in value - easily. I imagine the more expensive version will add even more value.

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