Obsidian has disabled TextExpander expansion

Anyone else seeing this? Has Obsidian recently required Secure Input?
This is a big blow as my entire system is built on muscle memory snippets.

I use Typinator, which is highly sensitive to Secure Input, including false positives, and also use it with Obsidian very frequently, daily. Same thing today – and I had no issues with Typinator sensing Secure Input.

In my experience, a lot of the false positives are due to Safari websites not working correctly with password input – once Secure Input is invoked it affects Typinator and TextExpander everywhere on the Mac.

So, what is it you see that tells you that the Secure Input is being invoked by Obsidian? Maybe it’s some plugin (like Readwise) that wants password verification.

I just tried a snippet and it worked. But I also do not use the “vault” that is part of the end to end encryption, so maybe that is why it worked for me.

The Textexpander app had a window that said Obsidian was blocking expansion. When I went back later I noticed the window changed to “loginwindow” is blocking expansion. The TextExpander support recommended quitting all apps. That worked. There was some application process that was “hanging up” secure input.

Back in business!
(You always gulp when a core workflow gets a glitch!)

  • Love MPU and how helpful the hivemind can be. Thanks for the replies.
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I had this all the time when I was still using textexpander, I’ve now moved all snippets to Keyboard Maestro and have not been bothered since.

When TE went subscription, I looked into using KM as a replacement. (I’m not anti-subscription but I do think the annual is too high)
The only thing keeping me on TE is that key iOS apps use the update snippet API. If there is another cross platform expansion option - I will gladly depart TE after using it for a decade.

I had the same, kept TE on for the in-app expansion on iOS. After a while I found that the built in text-expansion in iOS fit my use case perfectly. I do little or no date math, and if I do then it’s usually on the mac where KM can do it. So I’m saving myself the subscription fee :slight_smile: