Obsidian - How to build a simple Template?

I want to use Obsidian to build a list of my open law suits.
I know that there is an extension called “Templater”, but at this moment it looks pretty complicated to me, and the “Handbook” is not any better for that (Short sentences, with additional links, so I just jump around within those “Handbook”, but don’t get any deeper on my search for a solution).

What I want to do is building a Template with Placeholders.
For example, I want to have the word “Status” at the beginning of the line, and then a “field” that I could write something into, with the current status.
Furthermore I want to Have some dates like “Courtroomdate”, and an adjustable(?) Date-Field thereafter.
Also I want to have some predefined lines, where I could enter Links toward specific documents, Omnifocus, Ulysses and so on.

How can I create a simple Template with those kinds of “placeholders”?

Is it possible, to get some kind of “pull-down-menu” working within a template, without scripting?

I could be wrong but I thought any note in template folder (unless you changed the folder location in preference) can be used as a template.

you then click insert template icon to invoke it

this one is out of my depth

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Thank you,
it is less the question, where to place the finished template, but how to build it.
If I do it with TextExpander, I end up with a kind of a form, where I could fill in the necessary informations, and then, after clicking “OK” I have all in place.
This also works with pull-down-menus, dates and so on.
Unfortunately, my TE Snippet is not well working within Obsidian.

So, I am looking for a way to do something similar, but just within Obsidian, and without TE.

An other question regarding Obsidian:
I get a little distracted, while using it, by not seeing the cursor on the screen.
Does anyone knows, how I get a visible (maybe even blinking) cursor?

Which theme are you using? The only time the cursor disappears for me is when the file navigation or other panes are focused (they recently added focus states to each pane to aid keyboard navigation).

The installed theme currently is “Minimal”, and I found on the search for that information a setting there, that is named “Colorful cursor” (“Editor cursor uses your accent color”) and which was enabled.
It seems however, that with the light color scheme, there is no (or minimal?) “accent color” and therefore the cursor vanished from my screen. I disabled the setting, and got my cursor back!
Hooray… :smiley:

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