Obsidian Links when you rename a file Hook breaks (actually, all of them seem to break)

I was thinking it was just me - but I have run into a problem with Obsidian. I was using Hook to link Obsidian notes with other objects (generally websites, Omnifocus tasks, etc.

When you move an Obsidian note, or change its name, all of the Hook links break. The reason is really pretty simple when you look at it (Luc, the Hook developer pointed it out to me as I had a SMF moment), the Obsidian URL is based on the Path Name.

So it not only breaks the hook links - it breaks all of the links I paste into Omnifocus as well.

The key appears to be a Unique Identifier for each note, which Obsidian does not have.

This is kind of guiding me to the need to use Devonthink to handle this, which has a bonus of working in IOS as well. And stick to Obsidian for internal linking to files - Have to use the right tool for the job.

I used Evernote for 12 years - Looking for that replacement - I do like the idea of markdown files, and the ability to create them easily with automation as needed.

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I’m evaluating the use of Obsidian + DEVONthink + OmniFocus to manage active projects and the related tasks.

I am creating a Project note in Obsidian. From these I have links back to resources/assets (PDF’s etc) in DEVONthink (DT), and of course even if I move these resources around in DT, then the link remains intact because of DT’s UUIDs. [^1]

I also have links in the Project note in Obsidian to the related Project in OmniFocus. In addition, I have a ‘back-link’ in the OmniFocus Project note field back to the relevant Project note in Obsidian.

Even if I move the Project note in Obsidian to different locations (folders) then the link from OmniFocus remains functional. However, like you mention, renaming a Project note in Obsidian will break that link.

With regards to links to websites, I simply use the CMD+K command in Obsidian to produce the hyperlink, I’m not sure why you would want to use Hook for these (that said I have not used Hook).

[^1]: I actually create a Group in DT for each Project and use **replicants ** of the assets required from a ‘master’ Group. Helps with keeping a record of assets used in any particular project whilst not creating duplicates across DT.

For reference, this issue has also been discussed in the Obsidian forums here:

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