Obsidian mobile sync


I have downloaded the Obsidian mobile app but I can’t get the sync working. I have named the vaults on both my laptop and the iPad the same and I can see the notes created on the laptop in the iPad Files app - and can edit then etc. But notes I create on the iPad don’t appear in the cloud vault.

I have seen the instructions on the Obsidian website but still can’t fathom how to do it.

Any ideas?


I assume you mean sync with iCloud and not the Obsidian sync service.

It’s looking for a very specific folder. I found that the best way was to create a vault in the iPad app (I made one called Test, since I had no Test vault in my Mac app). It created it in a folder called Obsidian (yes, I already had a folder called Obsidian, but it wanted its own). I then used the process that Obsidian gave in their mobile help vault get everything copied over to the new location. It took a couple of restarts of the iPad to get everything to sync, but it ended up OK eventually.

Ok, many thanks. I will try that.

You are probably already doing this but if not, you can see the precise directions here. I have sync working perfectly but it is not intuitive and obvious. :slight_smile: