Obsidian + OmniFocus + kanban

There’s a new “kanban” plugin for Obsidian, which some of you might be interested in.

Here’s a cool workflow I’ve been trying out:

  • Set up a note as a kanban note in Obsidian
  • Open the note using “open as Markdown”.
  • With OmniFocus open, I can drag projects or tasks into the kanban note in Obsidian, add - [ ] before each item, and then I have a kanban board that links to OmniFocus tasks/projects.

So amazing! And, wow, at least with OmniFocus, this also works across macOS/iOS/iPadOS: I can set up a kanban board with OmniFocus tasks, switch to my iPad, open the kanban board there, and the links to the OmniFocus projects work there as well. Game-changer.

I’ve posted this on the Obsidian forum, where there is more discussion of this plugin:


The generosity and creativity of the Obsidian community making interesting and useful plugins for Obsidian is astonishing. And it is a pleasant and helpful community to boot. I have a feeling Obsidian is going to be around for a very long time.


Oh, that’s fun! I never really played with Kanban before, but I can see this as a good staging area for my zettelkasten note-taking work. (Here showing markdown links to other obsidian notes, to Bookends PDFs, and to Omnifocus folders and projects). Thanks!

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