Obsidian on iOS

The last time I tried Obsidian was 18ish months ago. It is a powerful tool but the experience was rough. It didn’t sync well with iCloud and the mobile app wasn’t good.

A couple of weeks ago I was curious, I wondered what state the app was in so I installed it on my Mac, iPad & iPhone.
I was really surprised! Desktop app felt more mature and “tight”, the sync between my iPad & iPhone was quick, no issues at all. The iOS app felt like native… sort of.

I wonder how is your Obsidian experience been on iOS?

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I think the Obsidian on mobile experience is pretty stunning - I’m always amazed by how quickly the desktop features are ported over. (Canvas on an Ipad…yes please!). My only complaint really has been the start up time, which can be a bit slow. It is the reason that Drafts remains a pretty critical input space for my iOS devices.

I agree! I use Drafts alot. I really don’t rely on Obsidian in iOS. When i need to look up stuff or work from my iPad the start up time isn’t an issue.

I caputre all my ideas in Draftas and then send it to my Obsidian inbox. At the moment I’m just playing around with Obsidian.

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I use my iOS devices more as consumers of my Obsidian vault. So I have look up notes and task lists I can easily check things off and so on. For me it works well.

Still playing with quick capture options for iOS but not too seriously. 99% of my capture when I am out and about is on paper in a notepad in my wallet. I like the delay in adding things that the paper method forces on me.


Yes, for sure, Drafts wins as an input device. My use case with Ipad and Obsidian though is still pretty robust. As an academic, all my reading notes initially land in an “to process” folder. I love sitting with my ipad an processing/cleaning up and linking up my notes. I can get an awful lot of work done in terms of my reading/note-making away from a proper computer.


I struggle with this. The thing I like about obsidian on iOS is I can make a shortcut and just save to markdown (aka easy to do a quick input to a weekly list or daily list etc). While I’m not sure I need this, it’s way easier than devonthink shortcuts. I also think obsidian templates are great, easy to make, and fast.

I think Apple notes if it was easier to export and/or had templates still wins, but for now I have resigned myself to using something else app wise.

I have tried a mix of obsidian with DTTG vs just DTTG. DTTG is generally terrible as an editor, but it is nice to use for multiple file types together and easy to make links. And while I could index my obsidian folder in DT, this requires mac but I’m only on my Mac once or twice a week. So ultimately I’m just putting up with DTTG.

My experience has been horrible. I can’t get icloud sync to work well since iCloud is selective about what it syncs to reduce bandwidth and storage needs. $10/month for Obsidian sync is too expensive for me, so I’m waiting until a free , reliable sync service becomes available before giving Obsid. another try.

Not really sync but you can get the same effect with a Git repo and automatic pulls and pushes

I have found Obsidian excellent on my iPad Pro and iPhone Pro 13. The synching is perfect.

I looked at that, it was too much additional work using apps like “workapp” to interact with git.