Obsidian Pandoc Plugin Not Working

I am trying to use the Pandoc plugin but it is not showing the export option. I have it installed and enabled. I’ve followed the basic instructions but it does not show up when I use the command pallet. Below are two screenshots and the Pandoc instructions. Any suggestions?


Obsidian Pandoc Plugin

This is a Pandoc export plugin for Obsidian (https://obsidian.md).

It adds command palette options to export your notes to a variety of formats including Word Documents, PDFs, ePub books, HTML websites, PowerPoints and LaTeX among (many) others. This is all thanks to Pandoc.

This lets you write presentations, draft books, make webpages, and write assignments all in Markdown, and export to whichever format you fancy, all without leaving Obsidian.

Note: this plugin is in beta, and there are often minor formatting issues. Make sure to proof-read the output!


(Installation instructions are on the wiki, use the above link)

Basic usage

  • Press Ctrl+P/Cmd+P to show the command palette
  • Search “Pandoc”
  • Choose your export format
  • If all goes well, it will say it was successful
  • If you exported a file called Pandoc.md as a Word Document, in your file explorer there will be a Pandoc.docx file in the same folder

dumb question: did you install pandoc itself?

Did you read the instructions?

The Pandoc plugin requires having in place several configuration bits – it’s not plug-and-play. So read the instructions, then access the plugin settings. Then restart Obsidian to be sure the settings are active and accurate. The plug installs commands in the the ⌘P command menu.

Here are my settings, for example

You need to install Pandoc from Pandoc - Installing pandoc