Obsidian Plug-in for "gluing" or "scrivening"?

Obsidian users: Is there a plugin similar to Ulysses’s “glue” feature or Scrivener’s “scrivenings” mode?

I’d like to temporary combine several research notes into a long one to get a better idea of the flow.


I don’t know if there is a plugin, but you can just Copy-and-Paste [CMD+C; CMD+V] the notes into a new one.

Yes, that is a work around but ideally I’d like to “glue/unglue” notes at will but if there is no plug-in for what I want I may have to resort to the copy/paste approach. :slightly_smiling_face:

I don’t know of one that works the same as Ulysses’s Glue feature. But you could embed the notes together in a “workspace” note, like this:

# Book
![[Chapter on Postindustrial Leadership Theory]]
![[Chapter on The Leadership Challenge]]

This would render each chapter in full in the “Book” note. You can then reorder easily by moving each embed line around.

(You can also embed headings the same way, for more granularity: ![[Chapter on The Leadership Challenge#Model the Way]])


This looks promising! May I ask what a “workspace” note is?

Sorry, just a sample title. I just meant a new note for you to do this in. “Book workspace” or similar would be a descriptive name.

Perhaps a benefit to this approach over the Ulysses/Scrivener features is that you could have several possible orderings, or even layers. Maybe you want to do this for each section, for instance. Then you can create another note and embed those sections in order to play with that flow. or maybe you are comparing two different possible layouts — you could embed different layouts in “Layout 1” and “Layout 2” notes.

Needlessly overcomplicated, I’m sure, but the options are there!

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@ryanjamurphy boy I owe you one! That is perfect. I did not realize that was possible. It’s your fault if I’m tempted to move my book to Obsidian (it’s in markdown so easy to do) and change my workflow. :rofl:

Thanks a million!


I’m not sure if this necessarily answers your exact question but here’s a plugin that may or may not be useful for longer writing projects:


I’ll take a look, thanks :+1:t2:

Aha, I knew I’d seen something like it before but failed to find it!

@Bmosbacker Looks like Longform’s Scenes feature does what you’re looking for, if you’re willing to set up your files in a single folder for it. Otherwise the embeds I described above will work.

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I just do what @ryanjamurphy suggests, transclude notes into a container note and see how it all reads.


I do what @ryanjamurphy suggested as well (embedding notes) but there was a plugin in Club Macstories to automatically combine multiple notes into one.

Do you happen to know the name of the plug-in?

@Bmosbacker Are you using/subscribing to Obsidian Sync for your PKM use?

No. It is not with $100/year for my needs. iCloud sync works fine.