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Continuing this conversation with @OogieM in a new thread – and inviting Obsi users to point out other community plug-ins they find useful.

  • Dataview brings notes alive by gathering metadata (both freeform and formal) inserted into individual notes utilizing a simple query language to add summary notes, graphs, and other features. Very powerful but easy to learn.
  • MetaEdit is a utility that helps with managing Dataview and YAML fields. A good companion plugin for Dataview. Not essential, but helpful.
  • Tracker useful for create date-based summaries of metadata in notes. Some examples here.
  • Checklist combines checklists across notes into a single note for tracking.

I prefer separate vaults – the decision for me is about the same as the decision for “when do I need a separate DEVONthink database”. There’s no rubric for making that sort of decision – it depends on what makes sense to the user.


Dataview really is incredible. It provides a great way of intelligently retrieving information without having to do a lot of proactive data management.

The following dataviewjs snippet creates a rolling, dynamic list of all incomplete tasks from past days in my daily notes:

    .where(p => p.file.day && p.file.day <= (luxon.DateTime.now().minus({days: 1})))
    .where(t => !t.completed), true)

You’ll have to switch the "Calendar" to the name of your daily notes folder to use it.

I’m biased, because I made them, but:

  • I constantly use the Review plugin to punt things to a future daily note
  • I use the DEVONlink plugin to jump to the note’s folder in DEVONthink all the time

The Kanban plugin is a new favourite love. It is so well-built.


It must be said: Obsidian would not be what it is today without @ryanjamurphy and all the community members who contribute their plugins in an ongoing stream of creativity. :+1::+1:


Wow, Kanban plugin looks great. Can you drag and drop the cards between columns?

Yup …20 characters… Yada yada yada

Between columns and between boards, so you can have info in different kanbans that you can mix and match.

Recently users have figured out how to combine this with the Workbench plugin (disclaimer: also by me) to create a sorta “inbox” kanban that you can use to remix content:

(video credit: boninall on the Obsidian Discord)

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