Obsidian Properties

I have been learning about Properties from @MacSparky awesome Obsidian Field Guide, and experimenting with them. I see where you can create a new one or rename one, but I don’t see where you can delete one. After my experimentation is over, I may want to delete tags that I no longer will use and keep the list from getting cluttered. Is there any way to do that? Thanks!

I believe you can do it from the “All Properties” view. CMD+P > Show all properties should open the panel.

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Are you referring to the “Unassign Type” option? I wasn’t sure that meant “delete.”

Hmm… ok. I thought that’s what that did, but it’s not available with every property (even ones that aren’t defaults), so now I’m not sure. Looking at their help page, it seems like that might not be supported. Although I was able to remove some of the properties from that view using that option. :neutral_face: