Obsidian to Omnifocus plugin

I made an obsidian plugin! It allows you to export tasks in your obsidian database into OmniFocus. Sorry for the self-promotion, but I thought a lot of people here would find it useful: GitHub - lizard-heart/obsidian-to-omnifocus

It should be in the community plugins repository soon.


Oh no; I should not have seen this. I’ve not heard the Siren Call for weeks now but all of a sudden I hear a song in the distance: “Obsidian+OF oh how sweet…” :rofl:

Resisting …



I should also mention: if anyone has any feature requests/complaints, I’d greatly appreciate it.

This Plugin is great, thank you! It works fine on the mac with OS. When I have more then one Task ist takes them all to Omnifocus. But on IOS it marks all off, but only takes one of the Tasks to Omnifocus. Is there a way to fix that?
Thank you!

Can you go the other way? Omnifocus to Obsidian Tasks?